Red Creek Jasper Earrings, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped

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Red Creek Jasper Earrings, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped

Red creek jasper earrings, long, bold and beautiful!  These are sterling silver wire wrapped with small pyrite beads.  

This pair measures almost 3 inches long.  They are about 10 mm wide (a little less than 1/2 inch).  They are not heavy.  

Red Creek Jasper sometimes called Cherry Creek Jasper, is a vein jasper found near the Red River in China. Red Creek jasper has patterns much like the picture jasper's from the Owyhee mountains of Oregon & Idaho. Perhaps even more like The Picasso Marble from Utah. As a matter of fact it has been called Red Picasso Jasper. Red Creek Jasper quite often displays numerous shades for reds and oranges. But it also has many shades of greens, yellows, browns, tans and grays. This is a very interesting jasper with uncanny depictions of natural landscapes. 

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