Natural Blue Turquoise Gemstone Earrings Sterling Silver

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Natural Blue Turquoise Gemstone Earrings Sterling Silver

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Natural blue turquoise gemstone earrings, sterling silver.  They have a natural freeform cut to them with pretty shades of blue.  

This pair measures about 1.50 inches.  

Everything comes in a gift box for gift giving and for your jewelry's protection.  I take pride in finding unique items to make my jewelry out of. Your jewelry should be as special as you are.

A note from the reputable seller I purchased this turquoise from:  "Guaranteed 100% natural Turquoise not treated in any way... We offer only the best natural turquoise beads in our store. We acquire our natural turquoise beads only from the most reputable sources and guarantee each and every bead in the strand is genuine and natural! In today's world where so many dyed and synthetic stones are flooded in the market place, we do hope these natural turquoise beauties are pleasing to your eyes and soothing to your touch..."